Install HBase on Mac (in 5 minutes)

We at Engati use HBase effectively to store a large amount of time-series data. It is a distributed database and extensively uses Zookeeper for synchronization, configuration management, in addition to the communication between its internal components and the clients. This quick guide will help you install HBase on your Mac in barely any time.

Setting up HBase

We can install and set up HBase in our mac in just 5 minutes  (presuming that you have good internet connectivity). These steps work for any Linux based OS as well just if you don't use brew. You can use this setup, for example, to play around with some basic functionalities. You could also use it in your local to do some simple queries or proof of concepts.
Certainly, there are some pre-requisites for this setup.
1. Install Java 1.8.0
2. Find the value of JAVA_HOME ( just type /usr/libexec/java_home in your terminal)

Until then, start adopting AI with Engati’s chatbot solutions.

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