WBC Software Lab: Offshore Development, EAI, Solutions, 24/7support, karaikudi, India

You can concentrate more on your core business activities, WBC as your trusted partner, ensures your cloud IAAS, PAAS, SAAS platforms runs 24×7 steady and secure.Mirth/BizTalk/WebsphereEAI (Enterprise Application Integration) is a domain specialization required in all industry verticals.Data captured by human in a legacy system, need to share the data with different applications in the same format or need to be transformed to reach target systems.WBC has expertise since 2006 in the area of EAI, offer solutions without a need for afresh software application developed specific to the Integration requirement.With the prevailing exposure in using these EAI tools, WBC is capable of developing transformation script or plugin, done integration so far on Database, HL7, EDI, CCR/CCD, XML, CSV and Text files.We can support customers from the scratch till Integration rollout. Contact us with your requirement to get our experts call….

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