What is UI/UX Design & What’s the difference

UI/UX design is one usual confusing and conflating term in the website and mobile app design. Normally they are seen placed in a single term, UI/UX design, and viewed from the exterior they seem to be representing the same object. Most people find it hard to describe these two terms in a simpler way. However, do not worry as Contizant Technologies is here to help you out.

UI/UX Design: What is UI Design

The term UI in UI/UX design represents the User Interface. Literally speaking, the user interface is the graphical layout of a mobile application or web sites. It includes many elements like buttons for the users to click on, the content text they read, the multimedia contents like images and videos, sliders, form-based text entry fields, and all other items the user interacts with in an app or website. UI design also includes window screen layout, transitions elements, user interface animations, and every single interaction at the micro-level.

Any kind of visual elements, interactions, or animations must all be designed through a UI designing project.

UI/UX Design: What is UX Design

The term UX in UI/UX design stands for User Experience. We determined the app user experience by gauging how the subscribers or users interact with it. Does the user have to experience any hardship in going to the particular product that he or she is looking for? Is there any tough navigation control that makes the user feel the app or website navigation is challenging?

Therefore, ultimately the UX level of the app simply comes from the feedback about how easier the app or website during navigation.

Wrapping Up

UI/UX design goes alongside during any project of the website or mobile app development. Contizant Technologies is one of the leading UI/UX design project managers for your app or website.

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